New year, new plans, new resolutions. Most of us have these every single year. So did I. And one of these was observing the daily routine of a living soul. Not that I didn’t do that before, only this time it was with a different perspective. Life I suppose. All that I had to do was pretend to be invisible and just let all the patterns of human behaviour sink in. All this started when a few friends of mine and me were walking past a mildly busy street with a bottle of mineral water in my hand. “Blah, blah, blah..I hear you…” and so our conversation went on. The parallel sides of the street were glued to footpaths and these paved paths were lined with Victorian style street lamps. My brain was like almost 95% in the conversation when something was trying to make its way in my vision. More like pierce my vision. Something not so pretty that stood out in this Victorian setting. And turns out, it was a beggar. I turned my gaze to the beggar who was sitting on the same foot path that I was walking on but to my right. He probably saw the bottle in my hand and begged me to give it to him. I almost arched my back to hand him the bottle when a friend asked me not to with a high pitched voice. That made the beggar angry I guess and he did the same only with a creepy voice. He even refused to take the bottle that I offered him later only to cuss a few words and accept it back again. Once he had this bottle seized in his possession, he had this joy on his face like a kid on Diwali. On taking in a few more details of this homeless man, except for his filthy attire and ugly rotten teeth, he probably had a dozen of these mineral water bottles with him. At least a quarter of them filled with water. He placed his recent bottle with the rest and was blissful like he had an addition to his collection of trophies.

Maybe that’s how it is. Maybe that was his only source of joy and happiness. Who knew plastic bottles could make someone genuinely happy other than polluting the environment. It is a little saddening to see that the man might have walked through an ugly road to end up finding peace and joy in plastic bottles. Humans like you and me who have access to plenty of things in their life start taking things for granted. We forget to appreciate the beauty of little things. All that I intend to say is find joy in little things.

It is really simple. If you send positive and happy vibes, you also receive them.


La la love.

Love. When does one feel loved ? Does love make us stronger or do heartbreaks make us stronger? What happens to a 19 year old girl, who has imagined to be a strong, independent woman all her life, when she falls in love? At least that’s what she thinks. It could be an illusion. A perfect illusion.

There is something about railway stations. People waiting for trains. A random person bumping into another who later turns out to be a long lost friend. A little waiting space connecting people. Homeless people sleeping on the benches. As cliched as it gets, there is always this one person hoping to see another person because they have a good time talking together. And that one person was this 19 year old girl. Sitting on their usual bench, she kept checking the time on her phone.  She could hear her heart beat rise rhythmically.* Thump  Thump Thump Thump *. Her eyes scanned the entire place. Still no sign of him. “Maybe he left by another train.”, said her brain.

Call it attraction, spark, lust, or magic, she felt all of it whenever she saw him. Love was more of a stranger to her despite having a few great make out sessions. So there she was. Waiting at a railway station. Again. Only this time with him. Talking turned into late night texting. Or should I say sexting ? Then, on his 19th birthday, a movie session in his dark room turns into a hot make out session.

Nothing remained the same. The magic was lost somewhere. At least she felt that way. Maybe it was supposed to be that way. She assumed the one knocking on the door to be love, whereas it was lust. The dark and mysterious one.

An illusion.

Blue and Green

One was primary and the other was secondary. Nevertheless they were of the same kind. Same DNA. What was that? How did they have same DNA you ask? Well, here you go.

The primary one fell in love with a priceless ball of light that illuminated the horizons, radiating warmth and happiness. Society did not except their love for it was forbidden. However, that did not stop them. Love. Funny isn’t it? Love has the power to unite two pieces and also to divide one. In this case though, it united the two pieces.They enveloped each other with all the passion that they had and cherished each others presence. Their devotion for each other was pure, serene.

Then exactly nine months later came secondary.

Blue gave birth to Green.

PS: photographed by P & J Artworks


PS: A duke because it makes a good mamma go bad and sexy. 😉

Daily Prompt: Ancient

via Daily Prompt: Ancient

Staying in love with one person seems like an ancient thing now days. Every one wants excitement in their lives. Staying in love with your self is important. Marry yourself before you marry other people. Reading a book from a library is an ancient thing now because everyone wants their own kindle. What people don’t get is that old is gold and it always will be. Nothing can replace the feeling one gets when one holds an old book, the smell of those worn pages, the appearance of the book has a different story to tell. Treating men like gods is an ancient thing now. Who runs the world? Girls!

Getting plastic surgery done to make yourself more “beautiful”. Really? Women are now accepting themselves for who they are. Considering a fair skin colour to be more beautiful over a dark one is ancient now. Well, after all the milk chocolate bars are more delicious than the white chocolate bars.

Just reading a post is an ancient thing now. So what are you waiting for? Hit Follow! 🙂

Fries, I love you!

I found myself in a garden whilst basking my green skin in the glory of the sun and I don’t mean to brag about myself, but the showering sun-rays made my complexion radiant. I scanned the area around me and discovered that there were several with green skins but larger in dimension than me. My attention was diverted to a bell ringing when a door opened, and I saw a completely different specie enter the garden. It was nothing like me. It had an elongated body (and not round like mine)  and had very defined body parts. It bent its spine down and with bright ginger coloured eyes it looked at me and said “Looks like we have another one growing up”. Then it dawned upon me that I was not on the ground but was hung from what looked like a delicate stem with mid-sized leaves. I glanced upon my other garden-mates and one of the fat ones said ” welcome junior! “.

I think I lost the count of the number of times the sun rose and set, but nevertheless , I could see my colour changing (and also of my garden-mates). From light green I turned into orange, colour of the sky when the sun is about to set, and from orange I turned a bright red, almost the colour of that alien creature’s lips when it visits us. And just when I thought about it, I heard the bell ring again. It walked down the stone steps but this time with what looked like a basket and began plucking my mates out and placed them in the basket. ” Whaaat ! ” was my immediate reaction. It came closer, and closer, and closer and boom ! It plucked me out ! If my body was functioned to form tears, then there would have been a tsunami by now. I was the last one to leave our home sweet home.

It walked up the stone steps and entered in a different world. I could see another creature of the same specie, but of a smaller stature jump (in excitement I suppose) and say “Yay ! Mommy got us tomatoes!”.  Wait, what? Am I mommy or am I tomatoes? Then the alien kid said “Let me do it, mommy”.  Alright, I’m Tomatoes bitch.

Like the day was not miserable enough, my state of being was changed. I was now a ketchup. And in case you are wondering how after being a ketchup I still had my voice, I don’t know how. I just had it. So did the others. And trust me, it was a complete chaos in here. I went down the memory lane to recall sun’s fine rays that made my skin warm. Oh, those were the best days. All of a sudden, I saw something that brought light in my dull world. He had a crispy golden skin and the sunlight made his skin glow. With a long rectangular body, he came closer and in a husky voice he said “Hey. They call me Fries.”

Is he for real? Is This what they call love at first sight? My bottle was opened and we were together in one plate. This was meant to be. The alien kid picked up Fries and dipped him into me. That was our first kiss. Our combination was unbeatable. We were loved by everyone and became so popular that everyone started trying us out.

Everything was peaceful until she came. They called her Mayonnaise.




She opened her eyes for the first time to see a teary eyed man, with a buzz cut and a handlebar moustache, full of joy, holding her in his arms. His eyes were warm, welcoming and filled with pride at the same time. She wondered why. The next thing she knew, she was placed in another set of tender arms. This time it was a woman. Her long flowing brown locks framed her ginger eyes and her beautiful face. The woman held her with such care, her eyes had the whole universe in them. Again, she wondered why.

Years passed and she became a wild animal which couldn’t be tamed. She was a free spirit and like the wind, she too was flowing continuously and made everything else around her move with her. She cycled through a beaten path in the rain and after gaining a desired speed she stopped pedalling and tilted her head up facing the sky, closed her eyes and felt the rain. She ran behind hens aiming to catch them. She tried to mimic a model by cat walking (which was more like chimpanzee walking). She caught dragonflies by their wings and dreamt of flying high with them.

Time went by so quick that years felt like minutes. Yesterday seemed like it happened today. She was soon placed in a different atmosphere. She wasn’t comfortable in her own brown skin and was obsessed with her looks. She didn’t have confidence in herself. Still in her cocoon, she was not willing to break free.”What would people say ? ” was always on her mind. It was as if she was placed in an invisible cage, her movements and decisions continuously being altered. She knew she had to do something about it. It was her war with herself. Inspiration is what she began looking for. She started doing things that she wouldn’t do before. That paid off. She changed but her core remained the same. She shaved her head and that was a transformation of a larva into a butterfly. No more hiding.

She finally broke free from her cocoon.

Dear diary,

Frustrated with my exams being around the corner, I strolled around the park wearing my headphones. And boy, there’s an adrenaline rush just listening to Partition by Beyonce. That gave me the energy to jog a few rounds. With my heartbeat rising, I became breathless and sat on an old worn bench. Leaning back and resting my head on top of the backrest, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The heat released from my body was oddly calming. A few minutes later, I opened my eyes to see an old couple walk down the cracked paving, hand in hand, and that made me smile. I turned my gaze to a vine hugging a tree. The wild grass, which was almost dead during summer, grew high with pride claiming the ground. Soft rays of the sun enhancing the beauty of those huge trees and of the just born. All of this made me appreciate the beauty of life, the beauty of rain when all of a sudden I felt itchy and saw mosquitoes inflaming my legs. Aghh. Those blood sucking creatures just spoil the whole picture. I got up and wandered around looking for something  that could catch my eye. I spotted a few beetles, squirrels and some insects who were alien to me. I could see everything come alive.

There is something about the rain.