She opened her eyes for the first time to see a teary eyed man, with a buzz cut and a handlebar moustache, full of joy, holding her in his arms. His eyes were warm, welcoming and filled with pride at the same time. She wondered why. The next thing she knew, she was placed in another set of tender arms. This time it was a woman. Her long flowing brown locks framed her ginger eyes and her beautiful face. The woman held her with such care, her eyes had the whole universe in them. Again, she wondered why.

Years passed and she became a wild animal which couldn’t be tamed. She was a free spirit and like the wind, she too was flowing continuously and made everything else around her move with her. She cycled through a beaten path in the rain and after gaining a desired speed she stopped pedalling and tilted her head up facing the sky, closed her eyes and felt the rain. She ran behind hens aiming to catch them. She tried to mimic a model by cat walking (which was more like chimpanzee walking). She caught dragonflies by their wings and dreamt of flying high with them.

Time went by so quick that years felt like minutes. Yesterday seemed like it happened today. She was soon placed in a different atmosphere. She wasn’t comfortable in her own brown skin and was obsessed with her looks. She didn’t have confidence in herself. Still in her cocoon, she was not willing to break free.”What would people say ? ” was always on her mind. It was as if she was placed in an invisible cage, her movements and decisions continuously being altered. She knew she had to do something about it. It was her war with herself. Inspiration is what she began looking for. She started doing things that she wouldn’t do before. That paid off. She changed but her core remained the same. She shaved her head and that was a transformation of a larva into a butterfly. No more hiding.

She finally broke free from her cocoon.


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