via Daily Prompt: Ancient

Staying in love with one person seems like an ancient thing now days. Every one wants excitement in their lives. Staying in love with your self is important. Marry yourself before you marry other people. Reading a book from a library is an ancient thing now because everyone wants their own kindle. What people don’t get is that old is gold and it always will be. Nothing can replace the feeling one gets when one holds an old book, the smell of those worn pages, the appearance of the book has a different story to tell. Treating men like gods is an ancient thing now. Who runs the world? Girls!

Getting plastic surgery done to make yourself more “beautiful”. Really? Women are now accepting themselves for who they are. Considering a fair skin colour to be more beautiful over a dark one is ancient now. Well, after all the milk chocolate bars are more delicious than the white chocolate bars.

Just reading a post is an ancient thing now. So what are you waiting for? Hit Follow! 🙂


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