New year, new plans, new resolutions. Most of us have these every single year. So did I. And one of these was observing the daily routine of a living soul. Not that I didn’t do that before, only this time it was with a different perspective. Life I suppose. All that I had to do was pretend to be invisible and just let all the patterns of human behaviour sink in. All this started when a few friends of mine and me were walking past a mildly busy street with a bottle of mineral water in my hand. “Blah, blah, blah..I hear you…” and so our conversation went on. The parallel sides of the street were glued to footpaths and these paved paths were lined with Victorian style street lamps. My brain was like almost 95% in the conversation when something was trying to make its way in my vision. More like pierce my vision. Something not so pretty that stood out in this Victorian setting. And turns out, it was a beggar. I turned my gaze to the beggar who was sitting on the same foot path that I was walking on but to my right. He probably saw the bottle in my hand and begged me to give it to him. I almost arched my back to hand him the bottle when a friend asked me not to with a high pitched voice. That made the beggar angry I guess and he did the same only with a creepy voice. He even refused to take the bottle that I offered him later only to cuss a few words and accept it back again. Once he had this bottle seized in his possession, he had this joy on his face like a kid on Diwali. On taking in a few more details of this homeless man, except for his filthy attire and ugly rotten teeth, he probably had a dozen of these mineral water bottles with him. At least a quarter of them filled with water. He placed his recent bottle with the rest and was blissful like he had an addition to his collection of trophies.

Maybe that’s how it is. Maybe that was his only source of joy and happiness. Who knew plastic bottles could make someone genuinely happy other than polluting the environment. It is a little saddening to see that the man might have walked through an ugly road to end up finding peace and joy in plastic bottles. Humans like you and me who have access to plenty of things in their life start taking things for granted. We forget to appreciate the beauty of little things. All that I intend to say is find joy in little things.

It is really simple. If you send positive and happy vibes, you also receive them.


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